Manager & leadership training

Additional Manager & Leadership programs for individuals and organizations from the Get Courageous Partners.

Our training

NimblyWise Leadership Training & Real Time Learning

Customizable virtual instructor-led leadership development for managers and individual contributors.  NimblyWise employs a blended development protocol that includes assessment, training, action-taking, and group/1:1 coaching.  Their trainers and coaches come from diverse backgrounds and offer dynamic development for your employees.

Thinking, Reframing, & Execution Skills – Critical for success in a VUCA world

Real-time learners see patterns, anticipate upcoming change, and proactively adapt their skills. The Real-Time Learning helps learners better assess your current situation, gather information, and plan accordingly to meet achieve results.

Leadership Training for Managers

Managers are vital to the success of your organization; they are often the leaders with the most power to influence performance and change in your organization directly. Power skills (soft-skills) are the most powerful tools your managers can have in their leadership tool box.

Vital Learning
& Training Content

Self-Paced e-Learning

Managers and Supervisors can progress through the training program at their own pace and have access to additional virtual development tools.

Vital Learning programs allow you to learn on your own schedule.  Self-paced leadership training means your managers can learn their own time and schedule. Managers can use the learning as they build their leadership toolbox and revisit throughout the year as just-in-time learning.

Customizable Training Content

Just need training materials? We’ve got you covered. We also offer a Train the Trainer program for those new to training and facilitation.

Custom and Customized Facilitation, Training, & Consulting

At Get Courageous & Mizerak Coaching we don’t have all the answers – we know people with ALL the answers! After a discussion about your needs, we will connect you with the right person(s) to get the job done!

Not sure where to start?

We can assist with Talent Mapping, Needs Analysis, Career Pathing, and Individual Development Planning.
Let’s discuss your needs to select a path forward – We will connect you to the right resources!