Mindfulness Training

Build resilience and equip yourself and your employees to better manage stress and overwhelm.
Change happens 
Workloads have 
Change happens 
Workloads have 

Employees who bring mindfulness into their daily routines enjoy a range of physical and mental benefits.

In Mindfulness for Stress Management, participants will learn exactly what mindfulness is and how to start incorporating it into their lives with simple exercises that can be adapted to fit participants’ daily routine.

Introduce mindfulness for organizations in your well-being strategy. Our programs include

How it works?

Help your employees re-center and ensure stress doesn’t take over.

Build emotional intelligence and stress management skills by offering your employees a virtual workshop or full 8-week mindfulness program.


Ready to start?

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Participants will learn to:

Become aware of stressors and their effect on the mind and body.
Take notice of judgments and automatic reactions and improve self-awareness (an important element of emotional intelligence).
Get a better picture of how the mind works and how it might be helping them or holding them back.
Practice redirecting their attention to what really matters at work and in life.

Let's get courageous!