Confidence Accelerator

Confidence Group Coaching for Professionals

Unlock the Power of Confidence
Your path to unstoppable confidence in both your personal and professional life starts here.

At Get Courageous Coaching, we’ve curated an powerful program to propel you forward: The Confidence Accelerator.

Designed for professionals like you, our 8-session group coaching program is the transformational experience you’ve been waiting for.

What is the Confidence Accelerator?

The Confidence Accelerator is an intensive group coaching experience that takes a deep dive into enhancing your self-awareness, resilience, and growth mindset. 



Our program objectives focus on equipping you with the tools to:

Enhance Self-Awareness

Equip yourself with invaluable insights to better understand your strengths, opportunities, and emotions, leading to greater impact on others and increased self-confidence.

Foster Resilience and Stress Management

Learn actionable strategies to build resilience, manage stress effectively, and maintain high performance, even under pressure.

Nurture a Growth Mindset

Unleash your potential by embracing challenges, seeking new learning opportunities, and seeing failures as stepping stones for growth.opportunitie

Program Benefits

The Confidence Accelerator isn’t just a program; it’s an investment in your future.  Here are some lasting benefits* that we believe you’ll experience using our proprietary Arrow Confidence Model:

  • Enhance self-awareness & Minimize self-doubt

  • Stronger professional presence

  • Build resilience skills

  • Improve communication skills

*Note each participant’s experience in the program varies based upon their drive, effort, and goals.

Next Confidence Accelerator starts on October 21, 2023


The Get Courageous Confidence ARROW Model

(Our proprietary model)

Assessment is the practice of gathering and analyzing information about self-doubt and insecurities from diverse perspectives to understand strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity for confidence development. 

Reset is the strategy of starting over; starting with a clean slate.

Reframe is the technique of changing the way an experience is perceived or interpreted. This allows you to transform your emotional response and create a new and empowering narrative.

Operationalize is the process of transforming. It is developing an action plan along with understanding the benefits and impact for greater buy-in.

Way Forward is the act of putting your action plan into practice. It is rewriting your story with courage and confidence; preparing yourself to face future opportunities with self-assuredness.

The Confidence Accelerator is available as:

Confidence Accelerator
(Group Coaching)

8 Session Group Coaching Program Designed for Personal and Professional Confidence Building

Confidence Coaching

8 Coaching Sessions over 3 Months
Follows the Confidence Accelerator Model

C-Suite Confidence Coaching

Custom coaching program based upon the needs of the Coaching Client.

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