Career & Career transitioning coaching

Times are Changing. And so are you.

Maneuvering change on top of your day-to-day work and life can be overwhelming, and how you manage that change can dramatically affect the outcome for you and those around you.

Why people come to career coaching:

  • Prepare for new role
  • Expatriation and repatriation support for employee &/or partner
  • Review resume
  • Navigate the job search with accountability
  • Transition into an organization or a new role
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Plan for desired career moves
  • Prepare for retirement
  • Job search techniques & accountability
  • Develop remote or work from home strategies
courageous coaching training program

Role Transition Coaching

When transitioning to a new role, transition coaching offers you an opportunity to plan and strategize for success, while having an accountability and thought partner along the way. You get a head start on success by developing clear goals for your new role, building relationships, and sustaining momentum.

We offer 90 or 180-day programs that support you in planning and implementing your transition strategy, and that focus on your needs, and the needs of your manager, team, and organization.

There are many ways you can approach your coaching. You may choose to address work-life balance or time management, or simply work through your first 90-180 days in your new role, giving you the space and tools to be planful, thoughtful and empowerful.

Global Transition Coaching

Expatriation and repatriation is seldom simple or easy. With a coach, you have a support partner who helps you navigate cultural changes, workplace changes, and even relationship shifts all while focusing on your long-term career goals.

This virtual coaching program offers you the opportunity to have a familiar person to talk things through with while you acclimate to a new location, workplace, role, and culture.

Career Planning & Development Coaching

We work together to create an action plan for your career or job search. It’s your career and we get the importance of helping you achieve your goals. Sample actions we work together on:

  • Accelerate your job search process
  • Accountability partnering
  • Interview practice
  • Resume review
  • Resume and Linkedin writing/re-writing
  • Build networking skills
  • & more

Pre-retirement Coaching

You are thinking about or nearing retirement, exciting times for sure.

Many people spend all their working years thinking about retirement. They have a few ideas of what to do next but putting these ideas into practice can sometimes be a challenge.

With retirement coaching we help people identify their journey and plan their next steps.

Let's get courageous!