Coaching is a collaborative partnership, helping you uncover barriers and develop actionable solutions to achieve goals

Executive, Confidence, Business, & Career Coaching

Coaching Services

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching provides a structured and confidential environment for executives to learn & grow. We offer one-to-one meetings in which the leader identifies competency gaps, identifies & clarifies goals and action steps to achieve their goals.

Confidence Coaching

A confidence coach helps clients to discover the areas of low confidence and develop a plan for a path forward.

The coach & client work closely together create an plan, build in accountability as the client implements their plan.

Business & Wellbeing Coaching

Business coaches work with an entrepreneur or business owner in the pursuit of their professional and business goals.

A business coach will help you navigate your path.


Career Coaching

Career coaching is effective at any point during the work timeline of a professional. Career coaching will give you the tools and mindset to make achieve career goals.

Career, role transition prep, & global transition, & pre-retirement coaching.

Case Studies

Career Progression & Leadership Coaching

This client came to us, stuck in their role with after being turned down for a role in their organization. During the intake & goals setting process we found out there were a couple of communication challenges that was holding them back. Throughout the coaching process we worked on relationship building, executive presence, and presentation/story-telling skills. This client is now in succession for the C-Suite within the next year.

Business Growth & Accountability Coaching

An experienced sales professional & small business owner in a growing startup needed support with growing their business; most importantly setting goals and accountability. Once we developed their path forward, we built out an action and accountability plan. They worked their plan; we made adjustments as opportunities warranted, and they were able to increase their business by 112% year over year.

What our clients say about us.

Leslie was pivotal in my growth as an executive. She helped me improve on the application of my leadership skills as well as overcoming hesitation in making critical decisions by trusting my experience and intuition in taking action on opportunities and obstacles alike. She adeptly sees the strengths and areas of growth in her clients and provides sound mentoring in building ever strengthening leadership skills and an individualized executive persona. I highly recommend her as an executive coach.
VP of Finance
We very much enjoy working with the Mizerak Coaching team of Leslie and Jessica. They provide relevant insights and recommendations on business issues related to talent, which our team members appreciate. We’ve partnered with them for two programs, receiving high marks for content and value. Great!
Chief Marketing Officer
Leslie is PHENOMENAL. Leslie is a powerful coach and facilitator. She creates safe spaces for all to learn and grow and demonstrates vulnerability in the areas where she is not an expert. Leslie has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She challenges and pushes while also taking care.
Head of Talent