Meet the Team

Leslie Mizerak

CEO, Executive Coach, & Leadership Facilitator

Based out of Orlando, Florida – Leslie is a seasoned Talent Executive.

I believe in the power of executive coaching and the profound transformation it can bring about. Coaching allows leaders to better leverage their strengths, overcome their challenges, and make significant internal shifts in how they view and experience themselves, and empower others and impact their world.

I support my clients as they navigate strategic, organizational, and interpersonal challenges/ opportunities. A little about my coaching style.I’ve been described as a straight-shooter with a relaxed, conversational style to my coaching. Which really means, “I say what’s on my mind, but I’m nice about it.”

I am a Jeep girl that loves to travel; my life’s motto is: Life is too short not to have fun.

Based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma –Leora is a seasoned human resource executive and coach.

She has been recognized as a catalyst for continuous improvement in all human resource operational areas both at strategic and tactical levels.

Quality-driven and articulate, with a keen ability to maintain positive relations while helping leaders work through change (mergers, startup/turnaround situations, reorganizations, and career changes). She has worked in the following industries: manufacturing, distribution, education, and sales for national and international companies. Leora’s rich career history encompasses handling crucial negotiations, M&A due diligence, compensation/benefits consolidation, training & development while serving as a member of executive leadership.


Leora Kirby

CHRO, HR Consultant, Coach & Facilitator

Jess Mizerak

Well-Being, Remote Work, & Life-Abroad Coach

Dividing her time between Seville, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal – Jess helps people reconnect with what motivates them and discover how they can harness it for personal and professional growth.

I am a personal Well-Being, Business, and Life Abroad Coach.

As an expatriate having relocated several times over the past decade and a half, and following over a decade of consulting for small and medium businesses, she is passionate about partnering with others through transition and global relocation as a coach, including remote workers and business owners, helping them move toward their career, business and personal goals.

In addition, I’m certified in Emotional Intelligence assessments and believe in the power of EQ to help us manage stress and thrive in challenging, new situations.