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Effective Leaders achieve results through their people. Leadership & Career development creates accountability, boosts employee engagement, builds self-confidence, increases loyalty, breaks down silos, and reduces turnover.

Courageous leaders build relationships to engage, & inspire their people.

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Executive, business, & career coaching
Virtual & in-person workshops Assessments
Team building programs & retreats
Talent development & HR consulting

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You have goals – things that you want to achieve in your life and career! Build courage and relationship capabilities while gaining the powerful skills you need for your career. We work together to move you courageously toward your personal & professional goals.

Courageous people set goals, take action, & grow through their actions.

We offer:
1:1 Coaching
Group programs
Open cohort programs
Individual Assessments
Quarterly free workshops

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Who we are

We help individuals live and lead with courage.

Courage is the quality of being ready and willing to take action with confidence and authenticity.

  • People with a courageous mindset have the desire and drive to forge new paths and overcome barriers as they work to achieve their goals.
  • Being courageous does not mean that you need to go it alone.

Get Courageous™ promotes change and growth with workshops, coaching, and consulting for individuals, teams, and organizations.

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Let's get courageous!

What our clients say about us.

“The story telling and beliefs development [of the Empowerful Leader] has helped me focus on improving my business, relationships, and character.”
DT, Sales Professional
IT, Organization
“I found great value in the story telling development; this has helped me re-focus on my current leadership role.”
Head of HR, NGO
“We look forward to another one of her workshops in the near future. I highly recommend Leslie for any group or individual coaching needs.”
JC, HR Director
Oil Company
“Leslie’s “To Lead or To Manage” workshop is absolutely amazing, not only because she goes over it step by step explaining everything so well, but she makes learning fun as well! We were all very impressed with her high level of skills and knowledge. Her style of teaching is superb! By the end of the day, we each walked away with some newfound knowledge and the ability to view things in a more positive light. "
"The [Leadership] program really went beyond general principles of leadership and help me understand the connection between leadership and myself as an individual. Throughout the program I came to understand how leader ship fits with my own personal story and personal goals. Leslie got me to really think about the meaning of my every day decisions and the interactions with others, and has supported me as I’ve worked to improve the leadership skills which I feel most needed work."
President, Marketing Agency

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