Confidence Coaching

In today’s dynamic business environment, professionals need more than just technical skills to excel; confidence is an imperative.

Do you or someone in your organization

Confidence Coaches

What is Confidence?

Confidence is an invaluable personal and professional skill that can be built over time.

We think about confidence as the belief in self. 

It’s the feeling that you can take on a challenge and come out successful.

The Get Courageous Confidence Model

Assessment is the practice of gathering and analyzing information about self-doubt and insecurities from diverse perspectives to understand strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity for confidence development. 

Reset is the strategy of starting over; starting with a clean slate.

Reframe is the technique of changing the way an experience is perceived or interpreted. This allows you to transform your emotional response and create a new and empowering narrative.

Operationalize is the process of transforming. It is developing an action plan along with understanding the benefits and impact for greater buy-in.

Way Forward is the act of putting your action plan into practice. It is rewriting your story with courage and confidence; preparing yourself to face future opportunities with self-assuredness.

Who is Confidence Coaching for?

  • Leaders wanting to motivate and inspire themselves & others
  • Professionals who want to make a bigger impact in their careers
  • Individuals seeking personal growth and reduced self-doubt
  • Graduate Students wanting to excel academically and socially
  • Entrepreneurs aiming to pitch ideas more confidently

Essentially those who wants to understand and break their cycle of self-doubt.

Interested in building confidence?

Confidence Coaching

8 Coaching Sessions over 3 Months
Follows the Confidence Accelerator Model

C-Suite Confidence Coaching

Custom coaching program based upon the needs of the Coaching Client.

Confidence Accelerator
(Group Coaching)

8 Session Group Coaching Program Designed for Personal and Professional Confidence Building

Bring Confidence Keynotes or Coaching
to your Organization