Lead or Manage

The Lead or Manage workshop

Exploring the Differences and the Need for Both

Do you have great managers who aren’t really leaders? Or leaders who are missing tactical management skills, like delegation? Or new people in leadership roles?

Leadership and management skills help your leaders motivate employees and build a great culture.

The logo for the Lead or Manage leadership and management skills training course.

The Lead or Manage workshop gives participants the skills for both leadership and management, and builds the courage required to put them into practice.

  • Lead by example, demonstrate your values through actions
  • Build relationships through mentorship
  • Create cohesive teams
  • Delegate more effectively
  • Earn employee loyalty
  • Think and act strategically
  • Build emotional intelligence skills
A leader and manager in an office, writing notes on glass window, with her team by her side.

Bring Lead or Manage to your Organization

Build and refresh the “practical and tactical” leadership and management skills your organization needs to create a better culture and working environment.

This highly interactive workshop is offered as a:

  • half-day workshop (In-person or virtual)
  • full-day workshop (In-person)
  • 6-9 session training/coaching program (In-person or virtual)

Specific concerns on your mind? The program is customizable to tackle the needs of your organization. Give us a call and let us know the changes you’d like to see, courageously.