Dare to Lead™ Retreats

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Dare to Lead™ Retreats

The Dare to Lead™ Retreats are the ultimate in Courage, Communication, & TeamBuilding opportunities for Leadership teams to reduce silos, enhance open communication, and to thrive in a vuca world.

  • Doing Brave Work
  • Holding Tough Conversations
  • Leading with Courage

Dare To Lead™ Retreat Options

Our program, your goals. Let’s create a retreat that meets your teams needs.

  • 1 to 3-Day retreats
  • Custom programming to align to Leadership, Strategic, or Team-building goals
    • In-person, on-site
    • We will design the whole event & meeting plan it for you or work with you meeting planning team
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Join one of our Dare to Lead™ retreats

Limited in size to maximize engagement, our all-inclusive retreats are designed to be educational, enlightening, & energizing.

Meet your Facilitator – Leslie Mizerak

Meet your Facilitator:

Leslie Mizerak – Mizerak Coaching & Get Courageous. Leslie has over 25 years experience designing and delivering transformational leadership coaching, facilitation & programming with organizations and individuals across the US and several countries. She specializes in executive coaching and leadership development.

Meet Leslie Mizerak Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Leslie is PHENOMENAL. Leslie is a powerful coach and facilitator. She creates safe spaces for all to learn and grow and demonstrates vulnerability in the areas where she is not an expert. Leslie has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She challenges and pushes while also taking care.

— QM

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I took the Dare to Lead group training from Leslie and got so much out of it. I had previously done Brené Browns Rising Strong years ago and loved it. So recently when I was in a blocked place with my work I found this Dare to Lead session with Leslie thinking it could help me move through the block. Leslie was great, even when I was challenging. The group of Dare to Leaders who did this with me were so kind and supportive. We have all grown so much in the month we have been working together. I recommend this training to anyone, even if you think there isn’t anything else left to learn. I promise you there is.

— JM