Courageous Coaching Skills Workshop

Develop relationships through coaching, courageously

The Courageous Coaching Skills workshop helps leaders and managers develop active listening and question-asking skills to grow, and empower employees and peers alike.

  • Conquer fears and transform discussions with improved listening and question-asking skills.
  • Build on your existing communication skills and use a flexible coaching process.
  • Build skills for non-directive coaching conversations.
  • Maximize performance by encouraging improvements and leading others through positive change.
  • Motivate the people you coach to actively seek out opportunities to contribute more to the organization & enhance employee engagement.
  • Help people accept, adjust to, and acquire ownership of the changes they would like to make.
  • Conduct developmental-related coaching sessions.
  • Build positive & supportive relationships with team members.
  • Coach in both formal and informal situations.

Available as:

  • On-site or online coaching skills workshop at your organization
  • Open cohort: learn with others in a one-day virtual workshop

Bring Lead or Manage on-site

Bring Courageous Coaching Skills to your organization quickly. One of our master facilitators will run the program on-site or virtually for your leaders and managers.

Individual Coaching

Give your leaders the space to go deeper and master the skills of coaching with our Courageous Feedback Coaching package add-on.

Let’s build something great together.