Coach and Entrepreneur Peer Advisory Group Application

Peer Advisory Groups for Coaches that are also Entrepreneurs.
Running a business is hard work -

there is no need to go-it alone!

Peer Advisory Group for Coaches

Coach & Entrepreneur Peer Advisory Group Application
The 12-month program is $995.00 Upon submitting your information, we will follow up with an approval and then send an agreement and an invoice will be sent to lock in your registration. The approval is for ensuring diversity - for example, we do not 5 health coaches and 87 executive coaches from the same area. We will be looking at diversity of niche and location. If we have too many coaches from a similar niche that are not locationally-dispersed then we will advise and add you to a waitlist.
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If you don't have a Niche yet, please let us know.
Google, Bing, a Friend (tell us who!), Coaching school, etc
I am interested in joining this Peer Groups because:
~ That this is an application and I will be advised of acceptance.
~ Upon acceptance I will then need to sign an agreement and will be invoiced based upon the payment method of my choice before I am registered.
~ That if accepted, this is a one year commitment and I am expected to attend at least 75 % of the meetings.
~ I can text Leslie with any questions at 407-622-1433