Change Management & Coaching

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Change Takes Courage!

While changes is sometimes difficult, it’s important to remember that change can also bring new opportunities, growth, and positive experiences.

  • Change Management Consulting
  • Change Management Coaching
  • Change Management Training for People Managers

Change Management Consulting, Coaching, & Training

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Change Management Consulting

  • Consult with a Prosci certified Change Practioner
  • Meet your Consultant below
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Coaching Leaders through Change

  • Change is eminent and stressful
  • Work with a coach that understands change
  • 1:1 & Group Coaching

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Changes Management Training

  • Courageous Change Workshop
  • Designed for managers to support the change needs of their teams
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Change Communications Planning

  • We partner with several communications experts to support you change needs

Meet your Change Management Practioner

Sonya Mendez – Fractional CFO, Change Practitioner, Financial Leadership.

I believe as leaders, we are asked to challenge the status quo.  We must take one fearless choice at a time, one brave decision at a time, one courageous action at a time. I am passionate about coaching new leaders into becoming change agents of their own.

I use my inquisitive, analytical, no-nonsense approach to Finance to partner with cross-functional teams to translate the ‘language’ of numbers. I like to de-mystify the world of finance and accounting, find the answers, establish internal controls and create a safer environment.    

I am a certified Prosci Change Practitioner and believe change is constantly happening for everyone. Let’s embrace it!